Three Bay Frame

Frame your medals, insignia and awards for all to admire.

Create your historic story including other important keepsakes of your time such as photographs, maps, certificates, postcards, letters, sweetheart badges, uniform badges, dog tags and unit patches.

Zed Medals will help you create a heirloom to be shared with your family for generations to come.


Whether they are your own or a relatives, military medals are meant to be proudly displayed, rather than hidden away in a draw.

Our designers can work with you to create an impressive show piece.

Every frame made by Zed Medals is unique.

Lets us frame your history so it can be proudly displayed and preserved.

2 Bay Frames

Standard frames are provided in the following formats:

1, 2, 3 bay frames.

20mm wide timber frames in black and rosewood.

standard glass

mats in green and burgundy

rear mat colour of your choice

By standardising frame styles, Zed Medals can offer low cost frames to our customers.

All Zed Medal frames are closed / sealed as we guarantee against medal tarnish and ribbon rot.

Open frames attract silverfish and allow tarnish to form.

All frames are glued, V nailed and come complete with bump stops and wire hangers. All materials used are non acidic and museum quality standard.

Frames can be orientated as landscape or portrait.

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